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When Should Your Locks Be Replaced

Decatur Locksmith Auto LockoutsThere is no doubt about it; you should definitely have your locks replaced when there is a known burglar in the neighborhood. Still, if you haven’t experienced a break-in yet, you should be proactive and do something to prevent it from happening to you. Just because you haven’t experienced a break-in yet doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to you. Those who actually experience break-ins probably didn’t think they would ever experience a break-in either. If you do happen to experience a break-in, you can always depend on the services of our Decatur, GA locksmiths at Decatur Locksmith LLC to quickly replace your locks.   

Here are some reasons why you might consider having your locks changed:  

Locks that are worn out – When moving into a new home, the locks may still be the original locks on the doors and windows. This means that they have probably experienced a lot of wear and tear, especially if you’re moving into an older house. Older locks can cause you all sorts of issues and definitely need to be replaced as quickly as possible. Although it is the responsibility of the person you’re buying the home from to replace the locks, they might not do this and that is why you should take it upon yourself to do it on your own. Don’t allow an unfortunate situation to occur before you do something to address this.  
Keys that you have lost – When your keys are no longer in your possession, you risk anyone coming into your home without your knowledge. You should always feel safe when in your home and not feel a threat to the possibility of someone coming in when you least expect it. Whether your key has been lost or stolen, you should respond right away by having your locks changed. We understand that this can be a pain but it will give you peace-of-mind in knowing that no matter what, the person who has your keys will not be able to get inside using the keys that they currently hold. Replacing your locks will keep you and everyone in your home safe from potential harm of a burglar.  

When new tenants are moving in – Best practices for rental properties dictate that the owner or manger have the locks replaced whenever someone has moved out. The owner could be held responsible for any stolen property. You could be doing yourself a disservice if you neglect your responsibility. You could make things easier on yourself by working directly with Decatur Locksmith LLC to change the locks of every property that someone moves out of that you own or manage. It might seem like common sense to most people but when you have a lot on your mind, it is easy to forget to have this small detail attended to.   

When someone is moving out of your home – Whether you have a trusted friend or family member moving out of your home, it is still a good idea to change the locks of your door. This doesn’t mean that you don’t trust them but you might consider that they have given a spare key to someone else and didn’t remember it. You might even forget to get the existing keys from them and someone else might take possession of them, without their knowledge. Take the precaution and simply have the locks changed. Even people who separate on good terms have disagreements or misunderstandings over items that they might feel belong to them. They might feel at liberty to come back and take what they think belongs to them. If they have a key to the house, this makes it easy for them to do.  

Break-ins – This is common sense indeed. However, you might be surprised to find out that not everyone who experiences a break-in has their locks changed even upon experiencing a break-in. You might reason that since they have come in before that there is no way they will come back again. This is rarely the case. If they have been able to gain access before, they may reason that they can gain access again. They may not have had enough time to really look around and collect more valuable things. Do yourself a favor and have the locks of your home changed, not just the lock that has been compromised. The fact that they were able to compromise your lock means that you may not have the best locks on your home doors anyway and replacing them with stronger locks might be a good idea.  

Now that you have heard some compelling reasons to change your locks, you might want to know which locks are best. In recent years we have installed more keyless locks than ever. These types of locks are hardly, if ever, compromised. A keyless lock requires a code be entered into a keypad or a key fob be swiped in front of the keypad for entry. Without either of these, it is difficult to gain access into your home. However, even when you have a keyless lock, you will need to use caution. It is easy to give others the code to gain access. It is important that you remember to change the code whenever you no longer want the person to have access to your home. This is often the case when someone is having work performed on their home by a contractor. They will give them a code to get in and out of their home. However, the contractor may give this same code to their workers and before you know it, you’re not really sure who has access into your home. Changing the code is like changing the lock; it is a MUST after the work has been completed. This is, if you do not want any unexpected visitors coming into your home. Our locksmiths are happy to advise you of any locks around your home that should be replaced. Just give us a call and we’ll evaluate the

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