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Transponder Key Problems and Common Issues

Transponder keys are fantastic little devices you have probably heard of, and may even own, even if you are not familiar with the name. These types of devices are made for vehicles and are used to deter against theft and ultimately increase safety. There is a good chance you own a transponder key and some of the information you will read here will be helpful to you if you ever experience trouble.

You may or may not be familiar with transponder keys and chips because the mechanisms involved in a transponder key are usually kept hidden or out of sight. This is to deter thieves from tampering with your transponder key or the corresponding parts within the car, as well as to protect the key and chip from damage. Most newer model vehicles already come outfitted with a transponder key, so if you recently purchased a vehicle or own a newer model, then you likely own a key with a transponder system. 

These types of keys play an important role in the functioning and safety of your vehicle. If there is a problem with your transponder key, you will want to be able to identify it and get it taken care of and replaced right away by a locksmith. Below you will find common problems you may experience if you have a broken or faulty transponder key, as well as what to do in order to fix your transponder key as soon as possible.

Your Vehicle Will Not Turn On

One of the most common indicators that your vehicle’s transponder key no longer works is noticing that your vehicle does not respond why you turn your key in the slot. This could indicate that either the chip inside of your key, or the inner working of the transponder system within your car, or both, are not signaling properly and therefore, your car will not turn on. Transponder keys work by sending a signal from the chip inside the car key to the matching signal in the vehicle. This makes it so that even a similar car key could never start your car, as the transponder elements must match up perfectly in order for the car to start. If either transponder signal is not properly signaling, then the car will not recognize the key as the proper key for that car and will not respond when the key is inserted and twisted in the slot.

Your Key Breaks or is Damaged

If damage has been done to either your transponder key or the matching component within your car, you may also experience the same symptom explained above and not be able to turn on your vehicle. If your car will not start or your car key is not working, it is possible that either mechanism that comprises the transponder key system is faulty. Either the key itself may be damaged or the signal inside of the vehicle may not be able to pick up the signal from the key. While this symptom can be alarming and slightly concerning, it is possible that a simple key replacement will get your car back in proper working order. Know that transponder keys can break down over time due to being used on a daily basis, so it is not your fault if suddenly your key stops working.

You Have Misplaced Your Transponder Key

Obviously, if you cannot find your key or have misplaced it somehow, you will want to get it replaced right away. Your vehicle’s transponder key will still work if it is missing or lost and you run the risk of having someone else in possession of your key and fully able to operate your car if you do not get a new transponder key replaced for your vehicle right away. Once you replace the transponder key and matching system within your car, know that at that point the former transponder key will no longer work.

Calling a locksmith is almost always recommended in the case of a lost or misplaced key. This is especially true if you may be stranded or unable to get your car to a mechanic or car dealership. Most locksmiths dispatch on-call mobile teams to assist with broken or faulty transponder keys and are usually much cheaper than going through a dealership or other business to get your car’s transponder key replaced or reprogrammed. 

Get Assistance with Your Transponder Key

It is not a good idea to try to repair your transponder key or chip by yourself, especially if you are not experienced in doing so. An improper repair or a faulty repair could potentially damage your transponder key even more, resulting in more hassle and expenses. Calling a locksmith can save you money and time in the long run.

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