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The Types of Tasks that Locksmiths Do

For years people have been able to depend on their local locksmiths to help them out with all of their lock needs. The thing is, many people do not know all of the different lock and key tasks that their local locksmith can help them out with. Some of them may even surprise you. That’s the reason that this article was written. It will go over several tasks that locksmiths do on a regular basis in case you did not know these lock services were available.

Home, Car and Business Lockouts

Here is one of the main tasks that locksmiths do. Almost everyday locksmiths respond to calls in their local area where someone has locked themselves out of their home, business or car. It may be because a key has been lost or because a lock is malfunctioning. It does not matter to your local locksmith. They are well-equipped to handle any type of lockout situation. They can even make you a set of replacement keys if you have lost yours.

Commercial Panic Bars and Fire Doors

One of the most important aspects of any commercial or government property where many people gather on a routine basis is the ability to exit that building quickly in the event of an emergency. That is the job that panic bars and fire exit locks perform. These locksmiths installed devices help make sure that people can egress out of any building quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency. Panic bar equipped doors and doors equipped with fire alarm clocks open quickly and easily in the event of any emergency. Locksmiths are experts at installing, maintaining and repairing fire door locks and panic bars.

Keyless Electronic Locks

For many centuries now keyed locks have been dominating the lock world but that is starting to change. Nowadays you see more and more uses for keyless locking devices in the home marketplace. Keyless locks can be used on car doors, commercial building warehouse doors, and on home entranceways. There really is no limit to the types of locking applications that keyless locking devices can be used for. They are locks that open simply and easily that do everything from secure pool fence gates to limiting access to sensitive areas of a business. Locksmiths are the ones you would call to get any keyless locking device installed or repaired.

24/7, 365 Locksmith Service

One of the best things about locksmiths is that most of them are always available to help you out with your residential, commercial or automotive locksmith needs. That’s because locksmith companies such as Decatur Locksmith LLC out of Decatur, Georgia offer around the clock locksmith services every day of the year. So, if you have lost your car keys, broken off a key in your home door lock or have an electronic access lock problem at your business, call a locksmith and they will come to help you with these things 24-hours a day. Locksmiths are always standing by ready to help people out with their emergency locksmith needs.

Deadbolt Lock Installation

These are among the favorite locks that any locksmith installs. That’s because they offer so much security when placed on exterior entranceway doors. There are very few locks that are as sturdy as deadbolt locks. They are made out of tough steel material and they even have thick steel reinforcing plates that come with them too. They can be used as primary door locks or as a second line of defense for any exterior door. Locksmiths do a great job of installing and repairing deadbolt locks. Talk to your local locksmith if you do not have at least one deadbolt lock on all of your exterior doorways.

Free Commercial Lock Consultations

The quality of locks found at a business and their current working condition are so important to any business’s security. That’s why it’s a great idea to call a locksmith at least once a year and have them come and check out all of your business locks. This is usually a free service and it’s a great way to make sure all of your commercial building’s locks are up to date and working properly. Once your locksmith is finished with the lock evaluation, they will make suggestions on the ways you can improve your business’s security.

Broken/Stuck Key Extraction

Keys are made pretty sturdy but they are by no means unbreakable. After all, they are only made out of lightweight metals. That means that from time to time keys have been known to break off in locks. When this happens it’s very difficult to get the remnants of that broken key out so you can use that lock again. Fortunately, this is a service that most locksmiths can help you out with because they are experts at extracting broken keys from locks. They can even make you a new key if the one you broke was your last one.

Home and Gun Safe Installation, Combination Changing & Repairs

Locksmiths recommend that every homeowner have a gun safe or home safe at their residence. It’s just a great way to keep valuables safe and discourage thieves from breaking into your home. Locksmiths do everything from installing home safes to repairing their locking mechanisms and doing combination changes.

Ignition Cylinder Lock Changes

There comes a time when you may experience a problem with your auto’s ignition cylinder lock. If these fail it will leave you stranded and your car unusable. Most people think that when their auto’s ignition cylinder lock fails, they need to have their car towed to a mechanic or dealership to get it fixed. That’s simply not the case. Locksmiths are experts at repairing and installing ignition cylinder locks. They carry all of the necessary tools and parts to do this right on their spacious service vehicles. Best of all, they will come right to where your car is parked to do this so there is no additional towing fee.

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