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Panic Bars – Importance in Commercial Properties

Decatur Locksmith Break In RepairsDo you know what a panic bar is? Have you ever seen one at a commercial property? You likely have, but might not have really noticed them or put much thought into what they are for. Panic bars are actually very important in commercial properties, and we are here to go over why that is. From movie theaters and malls to office buildings and more, the top solutions are needed to protect both customers and employees. Read on for more information on this significant solution for better security. 
Panic bars and panic hardware in general is important for any property. Why? Well, it is needed so clients and employees can quickly get out of your property if a fast exit is ever needed. A panic bar is also called a crash bar or you might hear it referred to as a push bar. Why is it called this? It’s known as a push bar because it’s pushed down on to operate. Buildings that have crash bars include college campuses, high schools, offices, medical buildings and more. 

Panic Bars: What Are the Components They Are Made Of?  

Panic bars are made up of different parts, and all of them work together in order for the device to do its job– panic bars are made up of a crossbar and a latching device. Have you ever heard the term fire exit hardware? This is essentially the same thing, placed on a fire exit door. Specific codes mandate having fire exit devices. Some codes to check, as a property owner, include National Fire Protection Association Code, International Building Code and International Fire Code. This will allow you to have a better idea of specific regulations that might apply to your scenario. Having a crash bar/panic bar/fire exit device can save lives. It will keep you compliant with laws and regulations where your property is.

Panic Bars: Are They Really Necessary?  

If you are not yet convinced that your building needs a panic bar, keep reading. But really, tons of buildings have them. Any place with a lot of foot traffic should have them because you don’t want people to trample each other if they are trying to get out in an emergency situation. 

The biggest perk is that during an emergency situation, a panic bar will let fast evacuation take place, and this is important because it can save lives. The idea for them and requirement to have them came up because of catastrophic, very devastating and unfortunate situations. The inability to exit a property fast can be life-threatening, so you do in fact want to have panic bars for your property to protect those who come into it. It’s a good security solution, so it’s something you should look into further. 

When you want to choose a panic bar and then need to have one installed at your property, just be sure to call a locksmith in your location.

Panic Bars Are a Choice You Are Going to Want to Make 

You now have a better idea of what panic devices are and why they are important - they let people exit a building fast without needing an item such as a key or tool to get out. You also get the benefit of being able to provide handicapped-accessibility for your property.  Panic bars cannot be used to get inside of your property from the outside of a property, so you don’t have to worry about this. 

Panic devices bring safety and a sense of comfort to those entering a building. But they also offer benefits that you might not have thought of, as mentioned before, for instance, possibly lower insurance rates. Panic devices are important for commercial properties because of the fact that they offer safety and security. Some of these devices can be hooked to alarms and others have keypad access, so you might want to consider these factors. 

Now that you know more about this security device, if you are ready to have one installed or select one for your property, call a locksmith. Panic devices are often timing the law or required by code, depending on the details of your property like capacity and location, and so on. Make sure you are following the law and regulations as a commercial property owner.  

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