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How Deadbolt Locks Work and Why Homeowners Need Them

Decatur Locksmith Home LockoutsHow Deadbolt Locks Work and Why Homeowners Need Them

There is no such thing as a home that’s too safe and secure. There is always something you as a homeowner can do to increase the security of your home. It may be something like adding high-security locks to your windows or adding ‘bump-proof’ locks to your entryway doors. You can also double the security of these entryway doors by adding second locks to them. Deadbolt locks are excellent for this purpose. In this article, I will talk all about these tough types of locks and why you should have them in certain places on your home.

What Is A Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt is considered to be a superior type locking device for entryway doors. They are often times added as a secondary door lock to improve home door security too. They differ from more traditional keyed locks in the fact they have more complex tumbler systems. As a matter of fact, you cannot turn the tumblers on deadbolts unless you use the key or turn the knob on them on the inside of the door if they have one. This makes deadbolt locks nearly impossible to pick the locks on them. 

How Do Deadbolts Work?

Deadbolts are not only are tough to pick but they also have reinforcing plates that are used in conjunction with them on a door. That makes deadbolt locks very hard to pry open too. Deadbolt locks fall into the category of cylinder locks. When you turn a key in them that key turns the more complex tumbler system inside of these locks. Then, in turn, the tumbler on the inside of the lock also pulls on a cam. When the key is turned one way the cam opens and when it turns the other the cam closes. Deadbolts do not have traditional spring mechanisms like most other types of exterior door locks.

Where Do You Need Them?

Without a doubt, deadbolt locks were specially made with exterior door security in mind and that’s the ideal place to put them. Some people will also choose to put them in such places as on interior doors that lead up from a basement. There are no set rules where you can place a deadbolt lock but it does not really make sense to add them to any interior doors other than what was mentioned.

Deadbolt Locks Require Stronger Doors

In order for a deadbolt to work properly, you should have reinforced entryway doors. These include wood doors, metal doors or any type of door that is solid or reinforced in nature. Most likely a thief will try and pry open a door with a deadbolt lock on it as opposed to trying to pick the lock. If your deadbolt lock is on a reinforced door, they will have little success with this unless they spend much time or break the door down. It does not matter how strong a deadbolt lock you have if it’s placed on a weak type of door. A thief will be able to force their way into your home in that scenario.

How Are Deadbolts Installed?

These locks because of their stronger construction and different opening style are also a little bit tougher to install than regular keyed door locks. You would start installing your deadbolt lock by positioning it at least 44” from the bottom of the door it’s going on. Most deadbolt locks come with a template that indicates where you need to drill. You will need to use a hole saw to drill into the face and the edge of the door. A chisel will also be needed to mortise in the area where the faceplate goes. Once all this is done, then you simply follow the instructions to assemble the deadbolt lock.

Who Can Install A Deadbolt Lock for You?

Resist the temptation to call a handyman to come to install a deadbolt lock for you. You are better served by calling a professional locksmith service. A skilled locksmith will know how to correctly install all the different types of deadbolt locks there are. They are also the best people to call if you start having problems with any of your deadbolt locks. They because locksmith companies such as Decatur Locksmith LLC out of Decatur, Georgia carry many sports parts and all the necessary deadbolt troubleshooting gear right on their spacious service vehicles. If your malfunctioning deadbolt lock is causing a security concern, locksmith professionals will even come to repair that lock for you as part of their 24-hour emergency locksmith services.

Some Deadbolt Locks Are Illegal

There are several different deadbolt types but the main ones are what they call double- or single-cylinder deadbolt locks. Double cylinder deadlock bolts can pose a safety hazard and are even deemed illegal in some states. That’s because they need a key to open them even from the inside. That means if there is no key in the door and you have to get out of your home quickly that will be impossible until you fond the key to that deadbolt lock. Si single lock deadbolts which have knobs on the inside are a safer bet if you ever have to get out of your home in case of a fire or other emergency. You can get more information on this from the local locksmith service that you use.

Deadbolts Will Definitely Improve Your Home Security

So, if you don’t have deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors you should definitely think about adding them. They are not expensive lock choices either for the high amount of added security they give you. A skilled locksmith can have these installed for you in no time and it won’t cost you that much in most cases either. Just about all locksmith service providers will even give you a free estimate to install your new deadbolt locks before they even start to work. For what little effort and money it requires on your part, it’s well worth it to have deadbolt locks put on all of your exterior doors.

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