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Garage Door Locks for Additional Security

Decatur Locksmith Lock BoxesMost people don’t pay much attention to their garage door when it comes to securing their property. Most homeowners simply make sure that the side door is well secured and think little about the large garage door itself. However, remember that the garage door is the largest entry point to your property. Even though the side door is properly secured, you have a lot of valuable items inside your garage. Gardening tools, bicycles, land movers, and the family car are all stored in your garage. This means that if somebody would be able to open the garage door, you would suffer some serious loses. This is exactly why you want to install garage door locks.

There is one other problem that you need to consider if you leave your garage door unsecured. If a burglar can enter your garage, he can force his way into your home through the door that connects the garage to the house. In many cases, this door is not properly secured with locks and security systems. And many homeowners forget to lock this door in any case. As you can imagine, this is a very serious security breach. If an intruder gets access to your house, you and your family are in great danger. Never allow this to happen and secure all entry points to the house – including the garage door!

Not Securing Your Garage Door Is Dangerous

Many people think that the opener is enough to prevent the garage door from being opened from the outside. However, an electric garage door is highly susceptible to hacking by high-tech thieves. A thief may not even have to force the door if he manages to command the opener to open the door for him. And this is not difficult at all in many cases. Why risk somebody opening your garage door and stealing all your valuables from your garage when it is so simple to install an additional lock on the door?
Installing a lock on your garage door rather than relying entirely on the built-in locking system will help you protect your home and your loved ones from intruders. It is ten times more difficult to force open a garage door that has a deadbolt in place. And, of course, you can install keyless entry locks if you so desire. You won’t even have to carry the keys around with you, as a password or your fingerprint will immediately unlock the door for you.

Is It Difficult to Secure a Garage Door With a Lock?

Installing locks on a garage door is not a difficult task at all. However, the person installing them should have experience and also have access to all the necessary tools and equipment.

Do Garage Door Locks Cost a Lot?

The cost of a garage door lock depends on its type and the type of garage door. Some locks may not be suited for some types of garage doors. If you select a keyless entry system, you will most definitely pay more than if you choose to install a deadbolt. However, a keyless entry system offers a host of benefits. You can even check who accessed the garage and when. However, don’t underestimate the traditional locks either. A good deadbolt lock is pretty difficult to break – especially a newer generation lock. Any of these locks can prevent an intruder from opening the garage door. And, in addition, we recommend that you properly secure the door that leads from the garage into your house. If, by any chance, somebody enters your garage, he or she must not be allowed to enter the house under any circumstances. Installing an alarm system with motion sensors in the garage is also a very good idea. Triggering an alarm is enough to scare away most burglars and thieves.

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