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Different Kinds of Locks and Their Benefits

Decatur Locksmith Break In RepairsWhether you are interested in upgrading or changing out the locks in your home or for your business, there are plenty of options to choose from. Depending on the level of security you need, and especially your budget, you will want to consider which locks might benefit you most. Read through the following descriptions of the different kinds of locks available on the market, as well as how you can benefit from their various features.


Arguably the most popular kind of lock you will find on most homes is the deadbolt lock and for good reason, too. Deadbolts do an excellent job of securing doors and giving home and business owners peace of mind. There are two different kinds of deadbolt locks that are most often seen. A single cylinder deadbolt is likely the type of deadbolt you use daily. Single cylinder deadbolts have a twist knob on one side, usually on the inside of the home or room, with the other side having a key slot and needing a key to lock and unlock it from that side. The other kind of deadbolt lock is called a double cylinder. Double cylinder deadbolt locks, as opposed to single cylinder deadbolts, require a key to lock and unlock both sides. 

Knob Locks

Knob locks are most common on bedroom doors, bathroom doors, home offices, and closet or hallway doors. These locks offer a way to keep the door locked, but are not as secure as a deadbolt. For rooms within your home, it may not be necessary to have optimal security. Knob locks are great for bedroom and bathroom doors because they prevent someone from opening the door or turning the knob, and thus, alerting them that someone is inside. When it is just you and your family members or guests in your home, having a deadbolt or some other heavy-duty lock on the interior doors may not be necessary. Knob locks are the perfect and simple solution to offering privacy and securing certain rooms in your home when they are being used.

Access Control Locks

These lock systems are most often used for commercial buildings, but they have become increasingly popular in recent years for homeowners and residential buildings. Access control has the most variety out of most lock types and can accommodate any needs or budget concerns that home or business owners may have. From the simplest installation, to the most complex set-up, access control offers heighten security that it unbeatable compared to traditional deadbolts and others locks.

Keypad and card readers are some of the most popular access control locks. Card reader access control locks may either require that a car be slid through a scanner, or hovered above a reader, such as with a proximity scanner. Keypad combinations are a great option, since they eliminate the need for cards or other access tools to be printed off for each individual employee or individual. Access control locks can be set-up in conjunction with external readers that can track who has entered the building and when, as well as other tracking patterns. This can be helpful for businesses that wish to keep record of comings and goings of their employees, especially if the nature of their business is highly secure.

Electronic or Smart Locks

The most expensive, yet the most effective locks on the market today are electronic or smart locks. Various models have a range of features that give home and business owners complete control over their security. The majority of smart locks include wireless connectivity, along with a corresponding phone application. This allows owners to be in full control of their home or business security. With just a button in an app, owners can lock doors, open doors, set timer schedules for when certain doors will lock or unlock, and many other features. 

Electronic and smart locks, depending on the model and brand you choose, can also be connected to security cameras. Some models even allow you to program your smart locks so whenever your doorbell rings, you are immediately notified and can look to see who is at your front door. From a mobile application, you can visually see who may be at your front door and even unlock the door for a delivery person, for example, to leave a package inside. These features, among others, can make life infinitely easier for some families.


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